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Mayor’s Conduct Reflects Poorly on Burbank

I am a lifelong resident, homeowner and constituent in Burbank. The conduct of Mayor Konstantine Anthony has been a terrible reflection on the city of Burbank and its residents.

Specifically, the political event in Santa Clarita where he was slapped on his backside, which was broadcast several media outlets and social media.

Additionally, his book on abolishing police is openly [displayed] on his bookshelf in his office. As a law enforcement professional, I can’t even imagine what your police think of that glaring at them when they have to talk to him. He is telling them that their profession doesn’t matter and they are not wanted. Isn’t that some sort of violation of city policy regarding bias?

As a constituent, I am requesting you immediately remove him as mayor and conduct an investigation into his inappropriate behavior. Ultimately, he should be removed from Burbank City Council. He definitely does not represent our fine city.

Ben Fernandes


First published in the September 16 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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