Legal & Public Notices

Outlook Newspapers sells advertising space for public and legal notices in its five adjudicated newspapers. Notices are processed through Column.

Publishing your legal notice in the Burbank Leader newspaper is a simple process. We will publish your notice for as many times as it is legally required to run.

If you are familiar with the Column submission process and have all pertinent documents and information ready, you can click on the PLACE A NOTICE button. We have also listed a step-by-step list below if you are unfamiliar with the process.


  • If prompted, select whether or not you already have your notice text prepared. If you do not have your notice prepared, Column can help you create a notice efficiently and easily by asking you a series of questions. If you do have your notice already prepared, you’ll be prompted to copy and paste or upload the notice.
  • Choose the notice type that corresponds with the notice you’d like to place — such as a Name Change or Notice to Creditors. Click Next to proceed to the next step.
  • Schedule your notice. If your notice should be published on multiple dates, be sure to add each desired publication date. Then, click Next.
  • Next, you will review and/or create your notice content. If you used the Column notice-creator tool, your notice has now been generated — and you can review and edit the text as needed. If you had your notice pre-prepared, feel free to copy and paste your notice or upload as a file.
  • Create a name for your notice. This name will be used only for internal tracking purposes — it won’t appear on the notice itself.
  • Set your affidavit preferences. You will always receive an email affidavit, and you can opt-in to receive a mailed affidavit. Click Next to confirm.
  • When all steps are completed and you are happy with the result, click Review & Confirm. Column will generate a proof for you to review. Click Confirm to submit the notice to the paper.


You will receive an email notification prompting you to pay the invoice. Click Pay Invoice to pay for the invoice through Column’s secure payment processing system, or click Review Notice to see your Notice Details.