Education Must Be a Priority

In response to the article, “BUSD Staff Faces Layoffs” (Feb. 19): Facing a nearly $18.8 million deficit, the Burbank Unified School District plans to reduce up to 18 teaching positions and 11 classified employees to free up $1.62 million in expenditures for next year.

On page 2, an article ran about a survey to benefit George Izay Park regarding future improvements such as ballfields, playgrounds and more.

After an incredibly difficult and challenging two years that our students and professional staff have endured, would it be more appropriate to say we are proposing a pay raise to teachers and staff for their commitment to our students?

What can we give a child that is more valuable than their health and education? Let us ask the school board and the city of Burbank to prioritize, respect and honor our professional educators for their stalwart efforts in responding to the needs of the students. Perhaps, the funding for George Izay Park, and other projects should be allocated to our schools. This commitment would acknowledge our appreciation for their efforts at this stressful time.

Parents, students, citizens of Burbank: Let’s demand that education be a priority!

Anna Nelson