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Gaza Cease-Fire Is Urgently Needed

Last Tuesday, many people spoke on behalf of a cease-fire in Gaza. Most asked the City Council to issue a cease-fire proclamation and cutting funding for Israel at this time.

Others expressed frustration with Rep. Adam Schiff for his radio silence on these topics. I know this is an issue with passionate views on each side. But it is time for our elected officials to at least respond. Instead, our elected officials said they are listening but can’t respond.

In my row, a young woman spoke in favor of the resolution. Like many others, this was her first time attending and speaking at a City Council meeting. She said she has been calling Schiff’s office daily, since October.

She has never received a reply. This is a reason why people, young, old and everyone in between, don’t vote or vote for the lesser of two evils with no investment. Politicians aren’t shy about asking for money or support. I know that there are security issues, a volume of emails and calls, and a lack of support staff so not every call or email receives a response. But some responses are needed.

I support Schiff on most issues, but not on his lack of an immediate cease-fire. I am frustrated and not supportive of other representatives who continue not responding on other issues. Their campaign emails are quickly trashed.

I feel for this young woman who sees that her representatives practice radio silence.

Mark Scroggs


First published in the March 30 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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