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Library Staff, Visitor Safety Should Be Top Priority

As a resident, I am deeply troubled by the increasing incidents of violence and threats faced by staff and patrons at Burbank Public Library.

The recent event at the Northwest branch, where a man caused terror and destruction, highlights the severe risks that library workers encounter daily.

Library staff have reported a deteriorating work environment marked by frequent hostile encounters, periodic bedbug infestations and a lack of support from library administrators. Many employees have experienced stalking, physical violence and death threats, significantly affecting their mental health. Incidents such as public masturbation, defecation and intoxication are alarmingly common.

Despite the city of Burbank’s assurances that safety is a priority, the current measures are inadequate. The introduction of library monitors has not resolved the issues, as these individuals lack the authority and resources to effectively manage violent or disruptive behavior.

Library staff have repeatedly called for on-site security or a dedicated law enforcement presence to ensure their safety and that of the patrons. The implementation of functional security cameras and a proactive support system from library administrators are essential steps toward creating a safer environment.

It is imperative that the city takes immediate and decisive action to address these concerns. The well-being of library staff and patrons should not be compromised. A secure and supportive environment is crucial for the continued provision of library services to the community.

David Donahue


First published in the June 1 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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