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City Should Reconsider Cell Tower 

At the June 25 City Council meeting, I learned about plans to put up at least one cell tower at 800 S. Main St., near preschools, businesses and residences.

The possible lapsing of the permit approval, which follows the July 4 holiday, could make it easier to approve. I don’t have all of the details (you can go to YouTube for the June 25 meeting at about 1:45), but I know cellphone towers near schools and residents have possible cancer potential.  

Also, I love the city of Burbank, but too often something happens, people get excited and then a solution that pleases no one is reached.

There are non-populated areas where cell towers can be placed.

I suggest everyone check out the meeting online before the next City Council meeting.

Mark Scroggs


First published in the June 29 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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