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Let’s Not Add to Traffic Confusion

In response to Eddy Polon’s letter, I sum up my feelings in three words: No. No. No.

Mr. Commissioner, I, too, have lived in Burbank for many decades. I was opposed to the narrowing of Verdugo Avenue. Though ostensibly to protect bicyclists and to “assist” traffic flow, it did neither.

I am glad to see the bike lanes, but vehicular traffic is slower on Verdugo Avenue since the narrowing. Cars back up; sometimes it takes three or four changes of the traffic lights at Buena Vista Street or Hollywood Way to get to the corner. I do not see that as an improvement.

We might take a step back to consider all the ramifications (potential or otherwise). Drivers already make illegal turns and pass on the right (i.e., wrong) side. Let us not be too quick to add to the confusion.

Gary Glasser

First published in the March 16 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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