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There Should Be More Homeless Solutions

Burbank, like many other cities in the world, is struggling with a homelessness crisis that doesn’t seem to be getting solved and calls for urgent attention.

While there are programs and homeless shelters to help address these needs, I truly think it is just a momentary fix and isn’t giving enough to really make a long-term difference.

I think the beginning of this problem comes from the shortage of affordable housing. High living costs are the reason these people become homeless to begin with, as that is what forces individuals to go on the streets. Based on my past experiences with volunteering at homeless shelters, I don’t think they do such a great job with housing these people. I urge there to be more of a focus on free or affordable housing to just get these people off the streets.

Along with housing, the next biggest thing is addressing these individuals’ mental health and substance addictions through proper programs and services that can be effective for the long term and not just temporarily. We just focus on figuring out what is causing these individuals to turn to substance or drug abuse when their mental health is failing them and to find and give what is missing in their lives. More money should be put into these solutions.

There should be solutions that go beyond the current limitations of homeless shelters, and this is something that the whole world should come together for and finally put an end to the millions who suffer every day.

Lerna Sandaljian


First published in the February 16 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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