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Burbank Leader Letters to the Editor Feb. 5

Schultz: Why California State Assembly?

Why did I decide to run for the California State Assembly? This has been the question I’ve received consistently from my constituents and neighbors over the last year.

I have been wary of addressing this valid question on the dais at City Hall, because I don’t believe it’s appropriate to discuss my political activities during official city business.

I am running to be your next assembly member because I see a huge need for experienced, battle-tested leadership at a time when our state government is working to address a housing crisis, growing homelessness problem, rising crime rates, and an impending climate crisis, while inheriting a forecasted $68 billion deficit. I don’t believe that any other candidate is as prepared as I am to navigate this difficult position and ensure Burbank’s long-term prosperity. That’s why I humbly submit my name to the voters as a candidate in next month’s primary election.

By no means am I leaving our beloved city to run for higher office, but instead am aspiring to continue my service to our community by representing it at the state level.

I am often asked what I feel my colleagues and I have accomplished in my 3+ years on the City Council. The short answer is “a lot.” When I took office in December 2020, the city of Burbank had a recurring General Fund deficit of several million dollars. That deficit was quickly eliminated, and we now forecast a recurring General Fund surplus for the foreseeable future.

My colleagues and I adopted an ambitious update to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan, reduced homelessness by nearly 10%, approved more affordable housing units than had been entitled in the prior two decades, and have maintained a safe community with exceptional police, fire, and emergency medical services. I am so proud of what we have accomplished with the help of our dedicated city staff and community members.

Burbank is our home. I love this community and my neighbors. But the stakes have never been higher. I’m running today because I am motivated to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a community that is safe, affordable, and sustainable. We need someone in the state legislature who will be a champion for public education. We need someone who takes the climate emergency seriously. We need someone who is prepared to balance our budget without cutting essential services and programs to our seniors, kids, and those with disabilities.

I hope to earn your support. To learn more, please visit: VoteNickSchultz.com.

Nick Schultz


Voters Should Have a Say in Laws on Undocumented Immigrants

Regarding last week’s Burbank Leader article, “BUSD Schools Need Billions”: Our state representatives have passed numerous legislation, and the governor has signed these bills creating laws for the health and welfare of our undocumented immigrant communities.
These laws cost the citizens of California billions of dollars annually. Then when our schools require billions “in upgrades and investments,” both local and state bond measures require passage by the voters.
Why is legislation only required for funding undocumented immigrant causes, but voter approval is necessary for schools?
If billions of dollars are to be allocated, shouldn’t a vote by citizens be required in both cases?

William F. Ballas

First published in the February 3 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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