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Parking Enforcement Should Be More Kind

Dear Burbank Leader editor and Burbank City Council (all of whom read the Leader):
Really? Twelve inches translates into a $50 fine? I’ve lived at the same address, in the Rancho, since 1974. I have always parked my car and truck end-to-end in my driveway. Street parking is getting more difficult with backyard additions and horse manure dumpsters having to be put out once a week.
On June 6, I found under the windshield wiper of my driveway parked car a $50 ticket. The infraction? Approximately 1 foot of my car was poking into one side of the sidewalk in front of my house. I was shocked! The car was literally not blocking anyone or anything from comfortably passing behind it, including wheelchairs.
At the bottom of the ticket, it said it was from the “Parking Enforcement Center,” Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love Burbank and plan to go the distance here, but really?! Where is the love? And I appreciate a need for parking enforcement, street cleaning, the ingress and egress of homes and businesses, etc. But a $50 fine for 12 de minimus inches?
I’m now taking up precious parking spots (perhaps to the annoyance of my neighbors) to avoid more fines. Let’s be reasonable. Let’s be kind. And yes, I’m paying the ticket.

Jim Nichols

First published in the June 10 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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