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Rent Control Is Back on the City’s Menu

First published in the Feb. 4 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Rent control is back on the menu, and oh … we’ll be ordering for you. And for dessert, it will be the foundation for the democratic socialist agenda ― taking what you made by remedying “economic inequalities.”
Let’s begin with rent control. When last on the ballot, city residents voted down rent control.
In 2020, then-City Council candidate Konstantine Anthony petitioned the city to have it on the ballot. Now, he sits as mayor and has put it on the council’s agenda for the five of them to decide whether they vote to enact this themselves or move to have it put on the ballot.
On Jan. 31, Burbank City Council will discuss these two ways. I’m wondering how such an important topic would be decided by anything other than a vote of the people.
Additionally, regarding the City Council’s goals, Anthony said he wanted to work on “economic inequalities.” In my opinion, it is a precursor to a less than subtle socialistic taking of capital from businesses and property owners. I’m sure you won’t have to wait long for him, and possibly a few of others, to begin framing large companies as being profit-hungry, greedy and having little regard for their employees.
Also of note, several councilmembers mentioned their goals to have “tenant protections.” That’s a big category and could mean just about anything.

David P. Donahue

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