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Airport Terminal, Flight Path Affect Surrounding Areas

First published in the Jan. 14 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

To my great surprise, the Burbank Leader (“Reflections” 12/31/22) trumpeted the “staving off” of lawsuits and the “advancing” of a proposed new terminal that is anathema to the greater Burbank Airport-affected community.
Our community is impacted through noise pollution, environmental pollution, and a significant economic impact. The outgoing flight path has turned Studio City’s Colfax Meadows neighborhood airspace (diagonally SW from Tujunga/Moorpark Avenue to Kelsey Avenue) into a jet superhighway that brings sound and pollutants to the entire neighborhood.
The planes fly overhead seven days a week with specific daily rush hours which are particularly intense. This is not acceptable. Why can’t a plan be devised where the damage caused by the outgoing flight path impacts a larger portion of the community, but less frequently? That is the story that the Ledger should be investigating.
Every one of those lawsuits that the article celebrated being staved off has merit. If Burbank Airport claimed to have a “good community relationship” when they consulted with the FAA, they were not accurate.
Before ground is broken on the new terminal, they should address the ongoing sound issues that are plaguing the greater community. Aviation officials, Burbank government and Burbank airport officials display no interest in hearing the voices of the taxpayers impacted by this issue who live outside of the Burbank district.
Again, I urge you to reconsider the impact that the flight path has on the greater community outside of Burbank.

Lyn Bertles
Marina Jimenez
Martha McMahon
Gillian Hobson
Studio City

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