City Puts Rancho Equestrian District at Risk

First published in the Oct. 29 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Despite concerns from property owners and residential equestrians from the Burbank Rancho Equestrian District, including those from Glendale and Los Angeles, on Oct. 25, the Burbank City Council chose to unanimously approve the demolition of Pickwick Bowl for the development of 92 multi-use housing units.
We will be following up with residents on the next steps. We will not allow the city of Burbank representatives and city staff to put equestrians from the Burbank Rancho Equestrian District, Glendale Riverside Rancho, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and the general public at risk. But most importantly, we should have the ability to be listened to, involved and represented. All of which, our current Burbank Mayor and City Council members and city staff did otherwise.
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Dr. James M. DeCarli