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I’m Voting for a Proven Track Record

First published in the Oct. 15 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Too few of us vote in elections, and I still don’t understand why that is.
Equally concerning is the fact that too many of us vote for candidates who cater to our “issue of the day,” telling us what we may want to hear without offering anything concrete to back up their claims, promises or assurances.
I am planning to vote for candidates that have proven, through their actions and persistent service, to be advocates for our whole community. I want our City Council to comprise thoughtful and intelligent leaders, as committed to listening to their constituents with sincerity and humility as they are to acting upon their conscience with passion and well-informed conviction.
I want our council members to each be proven advocates for young and old alike, champions for the disabled and disenfranchised, inspirations to the next generation in their deeds much more than mere words. A number of candidates for this upcoming election have been very vocal, without providing true substantive proof of their qualifications. Inversely, a few serving members of City Council have accomplished very little, while taking credit for a lot.
Both political party machines make lofty promises to which they never plan to hew. I look to the individual and study their past performance. Nobody should be serving on City Council, if they have no history of public service.
Sharon Springer and Zizette Mullins have proven their commitment to the Burbank community on so many levels and so many occasions. Councilwoman Springer’s successful balancing of the budget, reductions in homelessness, balanced support for schools, diversification of boards and commissions, management of the pandemic period, and other great accomplishments deserve our vigorous renewed support.
Ms. Mullins’ extensive service and experience across several City departments, as well as her leadership in the city clerk’s office will bring great tactical knowledge and vision to the dais. Together, these two will work together to faithfully and diligently represent the residents of Burbank.
Let’s elect people we know will serve and nurture our community, rather than puppets of larger ambitions or empty orators destined to deliver little of substance to our city that deserves so much.
Please vote, and vote thoughtfully, for people who have already shown their true colors.

Nicholas de Wolff

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