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Council Decided Correctly on Pickwick Site

First published in the July 9 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Christian Leonard’s June 25 article on the YIMBY Law incorrectly states that the City Council decision on the Pickwick Bowl site “alleged the site wasn’t zoned for residential usage.”
The language of the city’s General Plan, Burbank2035, and the Rancho Master Plan, which has been an integral part of the city General Plan since 1993, states unequivocally that the site, which is zoned Commercial-Recreation, does not allow residential use. The argument that the project qualified for expedited processing under SB 35 relied on a flawed finding that there was an inconsistency between the General Plan and the Zone Code.
Additionally, the council decision was based on findings that the project, as proposed, failed to meet the objective planning standards as required by SB 35. These objective planning standards include the Burbank2035 General Plan Complete Streets Plan [and] the required Sewer Capacity Analysis (an analysis that is still incomplete).
As inconvenient as these facts may be to self-appointed “advocacy” groups like YIMBY Law, there are the rules and standards for land-use projects in Burbank, and the council acted properly in judging the Pickwick project by whether it met these requirements or not.
When judging the merits of YIMBY Law’s interest in the Pickwick Project, it is worth noting that the slogan on its website, Yimbylaw.org, is “Sue the Suburbs.”
You can find it right above the “Contribute” button.

Susan Sterr

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