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No More Gun Stores in Burbank

First published in the May 28 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Driving on Magnolia Boulevard today, I was shocked to see that the exceptional artwork on the old Bubble Head building on the corner of Screenland Drive, that featured Elvis, Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger, has been replaced with the new “Gun World” sign, in 8-feet-tall letters on the front of the building.

This seems like a sick joke in light of the senseless and horrific killing of innocent human beings at a Texas elementary school last week by a coward, who considered himself a hero by arming himself as if going to war, only to murder grandmothers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who couldn’t fight back.

How many gun stores do we need in Burbank?

Burbank City Council, what happened to your common sense?

Jennifer Rabuchin


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