Neil Chisholm

Date of Death

Neil Chisholm passed away on June 18, 2023 at the young age of 40. He is survived by his Mother Gayla, his brother Darin, his nieces Ryleigh & Tessa, and his sister-in-law Sydney, all of who loved him so much more then words alone could express. He so loved and cherished his family & friends. They were his world. Neil on the other hand meant everything to his family and each & every one of his friends. Friends who were not just his friends, they too were his family. We will miss his beautiful smile, his hugs and even his signature flip-off. But most of all we will miss that great big beautiful heart that would drop every thing he was doing to help out his family & friends. He was a very giving man who enjoyed giving back to all that he loved,

He was also a man of many talents and had a great love for the movie industry, which he began 20 years ago as a Teamster/Driver. He had a great love for all those he worked with at Local 399. It was his hopes & dreams to become a movie Producer which he was on his way to doing. His movie, Night Train literally just reached number one on Hulu. He was very happy and so incredibly proud of this movie. He often talked about the cast and crew, how much he loved and respected them. He also had a tremendous love for animals as you can see through photos of him with dogs, horses, etc.

He & his brother Darin had a great passion for motocross. The two of them started their love of motocross at the early age of 9 years old and continued throughout their lives. The motocross community became a huge part of them, a huge part of their family. As you can see, Neil was an amazing person who was loved by so many and will be missed and kept forever in our hearts and forever in our souls