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Pleading for More Safety on Burbank’s Streets

In recent months, car accidents seem to increase more on our neighborhood. This is due to people not paying attention while driving, texting and driving, cars blocking eyesight vision to see other cars coming down the road.

Being a driver for almost 10 years, I’m used to paying attention on every corner, to check if there are cars coming my way. Most of the drivers here need to follow the rules to have a safe environment while driving.

Instead, some people don’t respect stop signs, drive faster than the speed limit or simply don’t care about people crossing the street.

That is why I’m asking Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz, the Council members and the traffic department of this city, to revise the stop signs on certain intersections, especially the ones where cars block the eyesight of the driver.

One case is the intersection of Tujunga Avenue and Fifth Street: Cars usually drive fast on Tujunga, but since there is no stop sign on Tujunga and cars block the eyesight, cars coming on Fifth Street tend to have more accidents.

Please make safe streets for drivers.

Lucero Pastor


First published in the April 27 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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