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City Council Should Put End to ‘Multiverse’

Basically, what’s a politician? A human being with an undiagnosed, or at least not publicly unveiled, personality disorder who probably studied sociology, law, economics and, perhaps, even human psychology before labeling themselves as professional politicians when the remuneration and the almost assured possibilities for monetary advancement warranted such as revelation.

Just go to “TheBurbankChannel” and watch the silliness of our City Council on full display for your displeasure. Namely, the Jan. 11 “The Mayor’s Show — The Burbank Multiverse” and the Burbank City Council meeting’s vaudeville acts of Nov. 14.

All City Council meetings seem to be an elaborate song-and-dance entertainment featuring the same time-consuming program of sycophantic awards, unimportant public announcements followed by “public speakers” who are given just three minutes to make their statements. That junkpile of bland blather is usually then followed by “canned” legalities offered by a falsely “goaded” … uh, actually “coordinated” blah-blah from the city attorney.

I have heard and seen our multiverse mayor, recorded on videotape in City Council meetings ask the city attorney for the names of the people behind the two LLCs that are currently mauling the kind current tenants of the Maui Apartments (1300-1304 West Olive Ave.).

Each time the city attorney promised an answer to that query. The City Council also, long ago, ordered a report from staff about how many “mom-and-pop” and LLC-owned commercial rental properties [there are]. Zero information has been disclosed so far. Heck, what is the total number of apartments currently rented in Burbank?

Enough with the razzle-dazzle showbiz, fluffy-puffy “multiverse” nonsense City Council. Otherwise, we will continue to dwell in the Burbank “perverse.”

Richard B. Cathcart


First published in the November 18 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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