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To Explain Lack of Representation, Follow the Money

I’ve almost always watched, listened to, or participated in Burbank City Council meetings. I’ve raised my family in Burbank and support and participate in community activities. My experience these last few years is that the City Council majority is ignoring and disrespecting the people of Burbank in their attitudes toward speakers, in their deliberations, and in their final decisions.

Mayor Konstantine Anthony’s bias in support of rent control has always been clear to me as he was one of the authors of Measure RC, led a signature petition drive, and sued the city related to that measure. Measure RC was defeated by Burbank voters by almost 64%. He does not respect the vote of the people and continues to push for rent control in Burbank. Now, after the research below, the reason for that is clear to me.

Never in all my years in Burbank have I felt so unrepresented and treated so poorly by the Burbank City Council majority. Respect for one’s lived experience should extend to everybody in our community no matter their age or who they are. The reason for this overall poor treatment is clear: Financing to elect these Council members came from outside Burbank with a range of 65% to almost 89% outside money. Also, check their payments made. We are not represented. They are beholden to others.

It is all public record and you can see for yourselves: BurbankCA.gov, click on “Departments,” click on “City Clerk’s Office,” scroll down to “Elections” and click on it, click on “Public Access Portal” and then click on the year and the candidate of interest.

Mary Ann Sutliff


First published in the September 16 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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