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Local Studio Looks to Legislators for Film Credit Extension

First published in the July 30 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

We’re proud to operate a production studio right here in Burbank.
We’re a boutique company, but Weimar Pictures has already done commercials for companies like Taco Bell and Walmart. Our motion graphics and visual effects team has been the sole vendor for major shows like NBC’s “Making It,” “Disney’s Magic Bake-Off” and ABC’s “Supermarket Sweep.” We’ve even won two Emmys, but we still worry about the future of our business.
These days, we don’t just compete for work with other studios in Los Angeles, or even with studios across California. Today, we compete with digital effects companies in New York, Georgia, New Mexico, and every other state that offers a tax credit to attract movie and TV productions.
For years, California led the way in film tax credits, bringing tens of thousands of jobs to communities across our state. But currently, this program is set to expire in 2025. Meanwhile, other states are taking bold new steps to protect their motion picture industries. About 30 states offer some form of film tax credit, and businesses like ours are starting to feel the effects.
Fortunately, the California legislature is considering a bill that would extend our state’s tax credits through 2030. And it is crucial that legislators understand just how important these local productions are to small businesses across California. Roughly 80% of the productions we work on take place in the Los Angeles area. Those productions add to Burbank’s local revenue by attracting cast and crew who frequent our restaurants, hotels, transportation companies, dry cleaners and more.
Furthermore, many productions use local construction companies and local security companies. Simply put, when productions in Burbank employ more than 1,000 people in a given day, it helps support countless businesses in our region.
California legislators will soon vote on Senate Bill 485, which would help secure local productions, create local jobs and fuel local businesses through 2030. Amid new competition from other states and foreign nations, this bill would protect California’s place as the nation’s go-to destination for film and TV production. And for the sake of our business and businesses like ours, we hope legislators will commit to protecting that legacy for years to come.

Robert and Thomas Uncles
Weimar Productions

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