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Pay Bumps Should Be for All

First published in the Feb. 26, 2022, print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Thank you for publishing my letter titled “Better Wages Needed for School Employees.”

As I go to work at Burbank High School and step inside the gates, I hear a blower and see a custodian clean the quad after a weekend of leaves piling up. Every day, custodians are selflessly cleaning classrooms, bathrooms and the cafeteria so that students and staff can have a clean working environment.

Last Thursday night, I went to a school board meeting because I had a speech ready about the job study. I got to City Hall early and I noticed that there was a teachers rally. I did give my speech, but I didn’t realize that it was a closed session; my speech was not recorded for the public to hear.

In summary, my speech was about comparing classified wages with other school districts in California. Burbank Unified School District pays most classified job descriptions under the 30 percentile in comparison to other districts. I also spoke up about the bumps in pay that the job study results gave to a select few job descriptions.

However, Superintendent Matt Hill said two comments about my speech: “One day soon everyone will be up to the 30 percentile,” and “They needed it more.” So, I did some research on those who are getting bumps in pay and if their wages are way below in percentile in comparison to other classified job descriptions in our district. And I found that almost every job classification’s percentile is at the bottom of the barrel in comparison to other classified members’ job descriptions in our district.

In my research, I noticed that the bumps are going to mostly accounting, clerical and maintenance workers but not to paraprofessionals and most custodians.

So, when Hill said, “they needed it more,” his comment didn’t make sense, unless he favors giving bumps in pay to those whom he works closely with at the district office and/or those who he thinks deserves bumps the most.

As you know from the rally, custodians are not happy with their wages. So, I’m daring you Matt Hill to walk in the shoes of a custodian for a week. And maybe after you walk in their shoes, you will appreciate and respect them for their selfless, hard work they do every single day.

Everyone deserves a bump in pay.

P.S. There will be a rally at 3715 Pacific Ave. in Burbank on Feb. 26, at 11 a.m.

Suzanne Fitzpatrick



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