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Burbank Airport Honors Flight Attendants For Saving Life

By City News Service

Hollywood Burbank Airport honored two Avelo Airlines’ flight attendants on Monday for saving the life of a passenger, who experienced a heart attack aboard a flight earlier this year.

During a city of Burbank commission meeting, Police Chief and Director of Public Safety Edward Skvarna recognized flight attendants Chris Allison and Tali Rosas for their professionalism, quick thinking, and compassionate care that led to saving a life aboard the Boeing 737 on July 29.

“This group of people, many of whom had never met, did an amazing job from the moment this life-threatening situation started,” Skvarna said in a statement. “And without everyone working together, from the flight crew to our airport firefighters and Burbank Fire paramedics, this could’ve ended tragically.”

In a prerecorded interview, Rosas and Allison recounted the events of that inbound flight to Burbank from Brownsville, Texas.

Rosas said as they were checking passengers were secured for the final descent, one passenger was not responsive. They checked his pulse and there wasn’t one.

They immediately moved the man into the back galley and notified the other crew members as well as the captain.

“From there, we started emergency CPR and then it all happened so quickly,” Rosas said. “We were able to get a pulse on him.”

Allison assisted the lead crew member in performing three rounds of CPR with life-saving electrical shocks using an automatic electronic defibrillator.

“When something like that happens, you don’t really have time to think about the situation. You just have to act. I had my crew with me, who were fantastic, and we just did what we were trained to do,” Allison said.

Allison added that they were both honored to receive this award alongside Burbank Fire paramedics for their part in saving the man’s life.

“It’s a little surreal, but it feels amazing that we were able to help save a human life,” Allison said.

According to Skvarna, the pilot made an outstanding landing and instead of overshooting the gate and having to turn and come back, and use very valuable time, they were able to turn right into the gate.

The airport firefighters took over chest compressions and life-saving measures, he added. The man was then transported by paramedics to St. Joseph’s Hospital, and two weeks later he walked out of the hospital.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher and everybody exceeded expectations with their performance,” Skvarna said.

In a statement issued Monday afternoon, CEO of Avelo Airlines Andrew Levy emphasized that safety is a top priority.

“Chris and Tali exemplified this value through their swift thinking and life-saving actions that day,” Levy said.

First published in the December 23 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

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