Burbank Girls Water Polo Photos 2022

1 – Burbank’s Parelie Baghdasarianss (No. 7, white cap) 2 – Burbank’s Julie Kim (No. 15, white cap) 3 – Burbank’s Sarah Shabhandaryan (No. 6, white cap) 4 – Burbank’s Vana Matevosian (No. 3, white cap) 5 – Burbank’s Valentina Angel (No. 13, white cap) 6 – Burbank’s Valentina Angel (No. 13, white cap) X – The Burbank High School varsity girls’ water polo team, which ended the season with a 10-10 record, includes (front row, from left) Anahit Khamtrashyan, Julie Kim, Paige Huleis, Vanessa Abelyan and Rachel Tomasek. Back: Makala Kelley, Klaris Zarukian, Rebecca Zakarian, Valentina Angel, Parelie Baghdasarianss and Sarah Shabhandaryan.