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The Path to Paradise: A Francis Ford Coppola Story

Anticipating Coppola’s 2024 film Megalopolis, best selling author Sam Wasson (The Big Goodbye) returns to the Burbank Public Library to discuss the ambitions and legacy of the celebrated director.


Five-time Oscar winner Francis Ford Coppola is one of the iconic directors of the second Golden Age of Hollywood. Sam Wasson was granted total, unprecedented access to Coppola’s archives, and conducted hundreds of interviews with the artist and many who have worked closely with him. His rich portrait of Coppola reveals a charming, brilliant man, grounded in family and community, as well as a restless, sometimes reckless genius. Wasson delivers the definitive account of Coppola’s half-century-long quest to reinvent filmmaking—if not the world—with his visionary production company American Zoetrope.

  • Sponsoring Organization: Burbank Public Library
  • Location or Venue: Buena Vista Branch Library (300 Buena Vista St, Burbank)