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With much shock and sadness, the family of Fouad Salman announces his sudden passing on November 5, 2023, at his home in Toluca Lake.Fouad SalmanOctober 8, 1953 – November 5, 2023Loving and devoted husband of Rosmarie, beloved father of Andrew and Ian Jessica , and doting grandfather to James. Beloved son of Adma, and brother of Ramsey Susan , Mouneer Najwa , Nadim Dalal , Jamal Suzanne and the late Hoda. Lovingly remembered by his nieces, nephews, family, and friends.A memorial service and viewing will be held onMonday, November 20, 20234 pm to 8 pmatValley Funeral Home2121 West Burbank Blvd Burbank CA 91506Donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Doctors Without Borders.Born in Ghana to Adma and Najib Sallman, Fouad spent his early years in Africa. The family moved a few times as Najib dabbled in various businesses in Lebanon and Egypt. When he finally went back to his old business in Ghana, Adma and their six children settled in Lebanon for schooling. Eventually, Mouneer and Fouad ended up studying in Manchester, UK, where Fouad met his wife Rosmarie, then a nursing student at Manchester Royal. Fouad s aspirations of becoming a dentist brought him to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He maintained a long-distance relationship with Rosmarie who was finishing up her studies in Manchester. After a family emergency brought him briefly back to Ghana, Fouad returned to England to marry Rosmarie, forgoing his studies in the US. In Manchester he began his career in business, managing a ‘Burger Land ‘ restaurant. Both of his sons, Andrew Salman and Ian Craft, were born during his time in Manchester.Fouad and his young family moved back to the US after his father s bout with cancer and eventual death in California where he had moved with Adma, Hoda, Nadim and his family. Fouad and Nadim went into business together, purchasing a Mobil gas station in West Covina. Fouad and his family settled in Burbank; this was to be his final move. After a typo in the immigration paperwork caused an l to be lost, the family name changed from Sallman to Salman for the Britons.The Sallman family would gather often in California. Fouad ‘s brothers would fly in with their families, Jamal Jimmy from Lebanon, Ramsey from Florida, and Mouneer from Montreal. Many happy times were had with the army of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cousins.After winding down the business, Fouad began his final career in sales. He worked in the car industry for more than thirty years, starting at Toyota of North Hollywood and ending at Toyota of Pasadena, where he worked until his dying day. A diligent salesman, he could be found at the dealership six days a week, where he was very popular and well-liked. But despite his demanding work schedule, he still made time for his family. He took his son Ian to many rock concerts, until Ian was old enough to start needing rides to gigs of his own. Fouad attended many of his son Andrew ‘s marching band competitions and football games at John Burroughs Highschool, where the band could be seen playing at halftime. While his sons inherited their father ‘s love of music, they did not pick up his love of sports. Fouad loved watching American football at home alone on Sundays.Fouad was an inveterate jokester, almost to a fault. He rolled with the punches and didn ‘t take life too seriously. While his impudence and happy-go-lucky ways would sometimes land him in hot water, he always found a way to diffuse the tension. He was only offended by others taking offense. Perhaps that ‘s why he loved children so much he related to their mirthful, carefree attitude.He was not a sentimental man, nor was he religious. Though born into the Druze faith, he had an irreverent, almost scornful opinion of organized religion. This was probably because he witnessed how the sectarian violence of the civil war back home in Lebanon tore the country apart. But nevertheless, he was a generous man with a strong sense of justice.Fouad was devoted to his only grandson James, who quickly became his favorite person in the world. He looked forward to his trips down to San Diego to attend James ‘s birthday parties or to visit during the summer.Fouad will be greatly missed. May God bless his soul.

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