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Earthquake Survival Kit Giveaway at Joslyn Senior Center

My name is Steve Oakley. I’m an estate planning attorney in Burbank and co- executive director of Quake Safe Seniors, a NPO.  


Quake Safe’s mission is to educate and prepare seniors on how to survive and manage during a major Quake or other disaster.   The devastating events in Turkey have made our mission all the more timely.


In partnership with the Oakley Law Group, Quake Safe will be distributing 100 earthquake kits to local seniors, age 60+, free of charge.


The kits contain sufficient supplies for 2 people to manage for three days, thus alleviating some of the strain on first responders during the early stages of a disaster.   Seniors will also receive an emergency toilet.


When:  March 15, 2023, 10am – 1pm or until supplies run out.

Where:  Joslyn Senior Center on Olive Ave, Burbank


Kits are distributed on a first come basis and are limited to seniors and only one per household. Recipients must be present. 


Point of Contact:

Steve Oakley 



  • Sponsoring Organization: Oakley Law Group and Quake Safe Seniors
  • Location or Venue: Burbank