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Burbank City Council District Formation Public Hearing #3

The City of Burbank is undergoing an exciting change intended to give residents a more powerful voice in local government. The City Council has unanimously decided to transition from the current at-large election of its members to election by districts. Under the new system, the City will be divided into districts of approximately equal population.  Only voters who live within a district can vote for Council candidates who are also residents and voters of the same district. We invite you to learn more about the process and how you can get involved. We look forward to working together to make this transition a success!

The City Council of Burbank will host public hearings at City Hall in Council Chambers, as part of their regular City Council meetings. The public can attend the hearing in person at Burbank City Hall, located at 275 E. Olive Ave. Burbank, CA 91502 or view the meeting live via the City’s website, on www.YouTube.com/TheBurbankChannel, or on Channel 6 (Spectrum) or Channel 99 (AT&T). For staff reports and other public hearing content, please visit the City website.

  • Sponsoring Organization: City of Burbank
  • Location or Venue: Burbank City Hall