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Bram Bratá: Steel Drum Band

Get ready to dance to Bram Bratá, a steel drum band made up of high school seniors! Playing music from around the world, the name Bram Bratá is derived from two Trinidadian slang words meaning “an unexpected party.” This percussive performance is perfect for all ages, so bring a friend and have an unexpected party! 

The Tri-Cities Steel Band Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Richland, Washington. They promote world music through education and music performance. The organization currently sponsors four performance bands: two steel drum bands (OK2Botay and Bram Brata) and two marimba bands (Baduku and Bahuru). 

  • Sponsoring Organization: Burbank Public Library
  • Location or Venue: Buena Vista Branch Library (300 Buena Vista St, Burbank)