I’m Not a Protester, Just a Neighbor

First published in the Oct. 15 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

There I am on the cover of the Burbank leader. I was sorting papers in my office last Friday night but could I ignore the profanities I heard coming from a megaphone?
Turning the corner from my residence I could see parties shouting at each other.
Returning home for my phone with our two sons in tow, we crossed Magnolia to see what was going on at our credit union. I videoed the ‘shield’ on the sidewalk.
I heard repeatedly that I was going to hell. A young woman placed her placard inches from my face. Another young woman got in my face telling me to go back to ‘my’ side of the street. Sensing people crowding around me, I stood still and listened.
The police figured I was part of the protest crowd as well until they understood that I emerged from my residence to investigate the noise on Magnolia.
I chose to video people in the public arena, and the ‘shield’ assumed I was there to protest them, and they acted less than civil with me. The Burbank Leader had the right to photograph me for the article. Now the Leader can inform their readers as to why their neighbor appeared to be protesting. Things aren’t always what they appear; you have to take a closer look.

Mike Graves