Burbank Issues Fireworks Ban Reminder

First published in the July 2 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

With the Fourth of July holiday approaching, Burbank officials reminded residents that all fireworks are illegal within the city.
Burbank officials said in a statement that the city’s enforcement and public-education efforts have paid off in reducing fireworks and associated injuries in the community. Officials said they expect increased use of fireworks as people celebrate at home, which could create a higher volume of calls for fire, investigation or fireworks-induced injury.
The Burbank Starlight Bowl’s fireworks show will have a live audience this year, and the city will employ a number of safety campaigns. These include having the Burbank Fire Department deploy personnel on the Fourth of July to monitor the bowl’s show, and having teams patrol for illegal fireworks.
Additionally, volunteer patrols will contact those using “safe-and-sane” fireworks and provide public-information handouts and inform people that all fireworks are illegal in Burbank. When patrols observe fireworks that are not safe and sane, they will watch from a distance and report the location to the fire or police departments. Law enforcement will take appropriate action, as needed, the city said.