Pickwick Project Comes Down to Zoning

First published in the April 30 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

The article “Advocacy Group Might Sue Over Pickwick Project” in the Burbank Leader’s April 23 issue can give readers the false impression that the Pickwick site is eligible for SB 35 processing because it is in the Rancho Commercial (R-C) zone, which allows residential use under the General Plan.

However, a careful reading of the Burbank Municipal Code shows that the site is in the Commercial Recreation (C-R) zone, which does not allow residential use in either the use table or the general plan.

It is the only area of Burbank with C-R zoning. The zoning map in the code shows that the C-R zone is separate and distinct from the R-C zone. According to the code, “The Commercial Recreation (C-R) Zone is intended for recreational uses which are privately owned and operated for commercial purposes.”

In fact, the council discussed a potential option for the present situation: changing the zoning to allow residential use and then negotiating a residential development under normal procedures involving review and discussion with the community.

Paul Nicholas