Local House Attracts Holiday Visitors With Disney Decor

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
The residents of 1505 N. Valley St. in Burbank have been putting on a dazzling display of outdoor Disney-themed decorations, with Mickey Mouse greeting visitors and posing for photos.

A residence on North Valley Street has become very popular in recent weeks, as its owners have lavishly garnished the property with Disney-themed lights and decorations, with Mickey Mouse himself available for photos.
For years, people have come to the house at 1505 N. Valley St. during the Halloween and Christmas seasons to view its decorations. Ernie Padilla and Tina Schaefer have shifted the theme of the showcase slightly over the six years they have decorated their property, but it almost always features plenty of Disney imagery.
“We wanted to bring more enjoyment to everyone since there are a lot of sad people missing Disney and having nothing to do,” Schaefer said. “So we just felt like bringing it to life here, and it has honestly brought lots and lots of joy to a lot of people.”
This year, for the first time, Padilla plays Mickey Mouse, allowing visitors to take pictures in the theme-park-like environment.
Schafer and Padilla’s work, which is up until after New Year’s Day from 5:30-10 p.m., has won Burbank holiday decorating contests in the past, and they won first place in the contest for this year as well. A list of contest entries and winners is available on the city website at burbankca.gov/residents/ourburbank.  Viewers are asked to look at the decorations from their vehicles or on the sidewalk at a safe social distance.

A crowd of onlookers gathers at the North Valley Street property, which is sporting a colorful array of decorations for the holiday season.
A boy looks at the holiday decorations while Tina Schaefer, one of the residents who prepares the annual festivities, talks with a visitor nearby.
Though he and Tina Schaefer have decorated their home for the holidays for years, this is the first time Burbank resident Ernie Padilla has also played a performing role.